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SleepyMe Fabric

SleepyMe provides different types of fabric as follows:

  • Cotton is the most used and favored fabric for bed sheets and linens since it’s the most durable, breathable, and softest. 
    • Cotton Blend (85% cotton and 15% polyester). Often marketed as Easy Care, is a smart choice since it withstands frequent washing well. This blend is durable, looks crisp right out of the dryer, and is still soft and cozy. It feels cool because the high percentage of cotton (85%).
    • Cotton Sateen (100% cotton) is a cotton weave that produces more yarn surface on the face creating an exceptionally soft bed sheet with a smooth, lustrous finish that resembles satin.  Sateen is often mistaken for satin, but they are two different things. "Sateen" is made from 100% cotton (with sateen weaving technique) while "Satin" is made from silk, or nylon, or polyester or combination of those.
    • Cotton Dobby (100% cotton) is finely woven into a fabric usually of geometric shapes or flowers creating a decorative pattern.
    • Cotton Jacquard (100% cotton) Jacquard fabric features a raised pattern that is woven, instead of printed, onto the fabric.
  • Tencel a man-made, new-age fiber used in bedding and linens. It has an outstanding ability to resist moisture and hinder bacteria growth. It has a soft feel, has anti-microbial properties, and wicks away moisture. It keeps you cool all night long.