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About Us

I am Amelia, the owner of SleepyMe. 

SleepyMe started from my hobby to browse, look, and buy bed sheets - even when I don't need any :-)
I am a person who really appreciate good night sleeps (and even naps whenever possible!) and crazy about bedding. Lovely design and soft material always make me lie down happily and look forward to going to sleep every night. This has happened for a good 20 years but I never thought of selling bedsheets until recently, when my one and only lovely son started to go to a pre-school and I have more time to do things while he is at school. At the same time, one of my favourite bed sheet stores in Singapore is no longer in business. This makes my desire to be in the bedding business become stronger.

I personally pick and choose the SleepyMe collection, so at the beginning we have lots of my design preference. Over time I've realized I should create a bedding collection of not just what I like, but most importantly what my customers like. One thing I will not compromise is the quality of our products. I sell what my family and I will also use.

We continuously renew our collection. If you have some design you want us to sell, please don't hesitate to contact us and give us your feedback.

We hope our bed sheets make you sleep more comfortably.